Our Mission

In accordance with growing public awareness of global warming, energy efficiency, and environmental protection, we focus on our three core values of “Professional, Innovation, and Service,” introduce Japan's cutting-edge multipurpose paints with energy-saving properties, and incorporate new painting technologies and techniques to provide safe, eco-friendly services to our customers.

We believe that paint, however remarkable it might be, goes to waste without highly professional and excellent construction. For this reason, we ensure the quality of each procedure by maintaining precise construction management and continuously providing relevant training to our field staff. We offer top-quality service with our skilled construction technicians, uphold the “finishing techniques” of traditional Japanese quality, and embrace the spirit of precision, faithfulness, and care.

Kashiwabara Corporation is Japan's number-one industrial painting and maintenance contractor. Ho Tai Development has over 50 years of business experience in Taiwan. Together, we provide services of ever-higher quality––both in the construction of and repair work on industrial facilities and petrochemical plants requiring high-level waterproofing, corrosion prevention, thermal insulation, and fireproofing, first of all, and also through our multipurpose special paints.


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